Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Build a Bear

Alex and Demi love to go to build a bear! This year they decided that instead of making their own bear they would make a bear for each other.

There were a lot of smiles and they had a really good time.

When they got their new friends home they decided to camp out in the family room.

The Black & White Affair

One of the great advantages of going back to Tennessee for Christmas is getting to see old friends. Tiffany accompanied her friends to the Black & White Affair. They all looked beautiful .

Of course you can dress them up but, you still can't take them out.

Even the boys got in on the act.

Decorating the Tree

Our tree decorating tradition begins with Dad putting up the star.

Demi and Alex had a lot of fun strategizing their ornament placement.

Usually, I get lost in the crowd, but someone was kind enough to take a snapshot of me this year.

Alejandro put up some ornaments too, but he really prefers to sit back and take pictures.

A special thanks goes out to my Mom who gives each person a new ornament every year. We have come to love and cherish them. Thanks, Mom!