Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free Reading

Alex has a daily half hour of "Free Reading" time built into his school day and he really enjoys it. He began this year by finishing the Ralph S. Mouse series.

He has now begun The Chronicles of Narnia series.

I am so happy that this new world has opened up for him.

Banned Book List

Tiffany has always been a reader. For a time in her early teens, her social life really cut into her reading time. However, she has once again found a good balance. She also really likes reading from the banned books list. So far she has read Forever by Judy Blume . . .

. . . and The Chocolate War by Rober Cormier.

She is currently reading Rocket Boys by Homer Hickman.

It Floats!

Alex made a papyrus boat for his Ancient World History class. He as well as Jack were very happy and proud to discover that it floats!

Alex always likes to put his stamp on things. Hence, he named his boat the S. S. Alex.

Of course, no papyrus boat would be complete without Star Wars stormtroopers.

They are off to fight the siths in ancient Egypt.

Back to School

Alex has wanted to learn to play the guitar since last year. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find a teacher in our little town. Finally, we found one and he is on his way.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Voracious Reader

Alex has become a voracious reader. Tiffany introduced him to Harry Potter this summer and he read the entire seven book series during our six week break.

Congratulations, Alex!!!!!!